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Honesty is the Best Policy

          Our fundamental philosophy is that 'Honesty is the best way to make real friends'. Based on this philosophy, we always strive to do our best to help you find a suitable teaching position in Korea and avoid making the mistakes that many teachers have made while choosing their teaching positions.

We are Ready to Help

          If you look into ' My Career ', you will understand better why VivaCom is able to assist you in finding the right teaching position that will enable you to enjoy a better and more comfortable life in Korea. I graduated from Yonsei University which is one of the top ranked Universities in Korea and is also the largest private school in Korea. It has allowed me to make many friends in various fields. I also worked for a US based multi-national trading company for several years. It helped me to improve my understanding of various Western peoples and their cultures. In 1998, I received a TESOL certificate from Sookmyung Women's University in cooperation with the University of Maryland , Baltimore County, U.S.A.


        Since then, I have successfully run my own ESL Academy (HagWon). Running an ESL Academy naturally required me to work with ESL teachers who are native English speakers. I developed and have maintained good relationships with them, and some have been developed into very close friendships. Thus, I could understand their situation, along with the problems that they faced in Korea. In addition, I have close ties with various public and private schools as well as with many reputable ESL academies.

         We offer jobs for both entry-level and experienced ESL teachers. And there is no job placement fee. It is an absolutely free service to you.

Fast, Reliable and Competitive Services

         I believe that all the above will allow VivaCom to provide fast, reliable and competitive services which will help you not only to find the right teaching position, but to become a successful ESL teacher. Please submit your job application right now by using our online application form. We will do our best to help you start a new life in Korea as soon as possible. - Dave Shin, Director of ESL VivaCom

Telephone Number:

▶ (IN Korea)
- Mobile : 010.7189.2071,

- Office : 070.4897.2071

▶ (Outside of Korea)
- Mobile : +82. 10.7189.2071 
            +82. 10.2215.2071
- Office : +82. 70.4897.2071

E-mail Address :
▶ eslvivacom@daum.net
Andrew Wilson
January, 2012
Vivacom has helped me secure a great position with an excellent academy in Gyeonggido. I have been here since October, 2011 and been loving every minute of it. Right from the beginning I felt sincerity and honesty when dealing with Vivacom. They were always very quick to reply and provided a exceptionally professional service. I am very happy with my Hagwon, they were handpicked by Vivacom to suit my n...(continued)
David Case
September, 2011
I recently could get a good position in Incheon owing to VivaCom. I really appreciate it. The website of VivaCom was very helpful in answering many of my questions. I got a lot of information from VivaCom to find a good position. I am now a Viva member. I have already recommended VivaCom to three of my friends because VivaCom was incredibly helpful. They also realized how good the Extra Income System ...(continued)