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(1) You submit ‘Job Application’ by using our online application form on the menu.

(2) We will conduct a phone interview with you if we think it is necessary. Before the interview, we
    will contact you via email to set up the interview schedule.
〔 ① You will have to send your cover
    letter via email to if it is not included in your job application. ② Before you
    write your cover letter and take a photo for your resume or job application, please refer to 'Important
    Tips' on the menu. 〕

(1) You interview with your prospective employers whose basic work conditions for
    the following are acceptable to you. (Please refer to 'Standard Work Conditions'
    on the menu.)

    ① monthly pay(salary)  ② severance fee  ③ working hours  ④ air fare support

    ⑤ holidays  ⑥ location  ⑦ student's level  ⑧ housing  ⑨ etc.

* For the above phone interview, please refer to 'Important Tips' on the menu.

(2) You may have opportunities to contact the esl teachers currently working for the above prospective

(3) You select the best one among the above prospective employers.

(4) The best prospective employer(BPE) above provides you with the draft of their contract. employment
〔 Most of employers have their own employment contracts. If you want to see a standard employment
   contract which is generally used in Korea, please ask us for it. We will send it to you via email. 〕

(5) If you accept all the conditions of the contract provided by the BPE, you will have to send us the
   following pages of the contract via email.

    ① First page which shows your name, passport number, address, telephone number, email address,
      and etc.

    ② Last page which shows your name and signature.

(6) The representative of the BPE signs the last page of the contract mentioned in the item No.(5) above,
    and sends it back to you through us. Now the BPE is your employer.

(1) You send us the following six(6) kinds of documents which are required for E-2 Visa process.

  ①A photocopy of your passport (picture page).

  ②Self Health Statement.(Please download its form at 'Documents Download' on the menu.)

  ③Degree Certificates with 'Apostille'(Diploma or Degree 'Copy' with Apositlle)

  ④Criminal Record Check with 'Apostille'

  ⑤ Two(2)pieces of passport size (3.5㎝ x 4.5㎝)color photos


* Detailed informations about the above documents: Please refer to 'E-2 Visa Process' on the menu.You must send us above documents by DHL or FedEx or other secure couriers, and then email us the 'tracking number' for your DHL or FedEx package.


(2) Your employer submits 'Application for Confirmation of Visa Issuance' to our Immigration Office.
〔 This application must include six kinds of the documents mentioned in the item No. (1) above. 〕


(3) Our immigration office provides your employer with the visa issuance number. 〔 It takes about two
  weeks to get the visa issuance number. Meanwhile, you check the following.
  ① Most economical flight schedule to come to Korea.
  ② Location and phone number of Korean consulate which is nearest to your home. Please refer to
     'Korean Consulates and Embassy' on the menu. 〕


(4) We inform you of the visa issuance number by email and/or phone.


(5) You prearrange an interview with Korean Consulate to get the E-2Visa.

〔 Process: (1) You submit the following documents to Korean consulate.
    ① Application of Visa Issuance(with the visa issuance number of the item No.(4) above).
    ② Passport. (2)According to the standard interview manual, conduct a face-to-face interview.
        However, if circumstances were such that making a visit is not possible or plausible, then it may
        be conducted over video conference. However, you must confirm preliminarily via phone the
        process and documents to get the visa because they are changeable any time. 〕

*Application for Visa Issuance and Consul`s Checklist : Please download its form at 'Documents
  Download' on the menu.

*The air ticket is usually booked after you get the visa. Its fare is supported by your employer.
  (Please refer to 'Standard Work Conditions ' on the menu).

(1) Health Examination

  This examination must take place within 90 days of the teacher’s arrival, but usually takes place within
  the first couple of weeks.
〔 This examination takes place at clinics/hospitals authorized by our
  government. If illegal drugs do show up on this examination, you will not get the Certificate of Alien
  Registration and will be requested to leave Korea. Thus, if you have any question as to whether or not
  the drug test or infectious disease test for you will be positive, we strongly advise you to perform such
  tests in your home country before signing the employment contract. For further informations, please
  refer to 'Important Tips' on the menu. 〕

(2) You apply to our immigration office for getting a 'Certificate of Alien Registration '
  (It usually takes about two weeks to get the Certificate of Alien Registration.)

*Application for Alien Registration: Please download its form at 'Documents Download' on the menu.

(3) You open your bank account and buy a mobile phone.

(4) You may join the Korean Medical Insurance Union, a Government Health Organization if you want.
  The total amount of the insurance cost is about 6% of your monthly salary. Its half is paid by your

*NOTE-1 : Basic qualification required for working as an ESL teacher in Korea.

  (1) Legal requirements

  ① You must be a native English speaker.(English must be your first language.)

  ② You must have acquired a bachelor's degree or higher from that country that uses English as its
   first language. (Ex. of the mentioned country: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc)

  (2) Additional requirements to become a successful ESLl teacher in Korea.

  ① You should keep sound mind and body. If you can't carry out your teaching job successfully due
   to your physically or mentally abnormal condition, both you and your employer will face serious

  ② You should not only treat the students with love, patience, and flexibility, open mind, and outgoing
   personality, but also keep enthusiasm for your teaching job.

*NOTE-2 : Your name of the following documents must be same.

  ① Passport
  ② Job Application
  ③ Self Health Statement
  ④ Certificate of Degree or Diploma
  ⑤ Criminal Back Ground Check
  ⑥ Resume

Telephone Number:

▶ (IN Korea)
- Mobile : 010.7189.2071,

- Office : 070.4897.2071

▶ (Outside of Korea)
- Mobile : +82. 10.7189.2071 
            +82. 10.2215.2071
- Office : +82. 70.4897.2071

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