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*Tips for photo, cover letter, phone interview, and health examination.

When you take photos for your resume or applications (Job Application and Viva Membership Application), please don't;
  ① Wear a hat in the picture.
  ② Take a picture with another person.
  ③ Have tatoos shown
  ④ Have piercings other than in your ears
  ⑤ Show excessive skin
  ⑥ Show your shoulders
  ⑦ Wear tank tops.//But 'Smile!'
*Basically, the photos for your resume or applications should be similar to your passport photo.

Please remember the following tips when you write a cover letter.

  (1) Your prospective employers that will read your cover letter are Korean. Thus, you are requested to
     avoid using highly complicated words or terms.

  (2) Most of your prospective employers want esl teachers (not professors) who will teach English to
     their elementary, middle and high school students.

  (3) You have to write in grammatically correct way even if your main job is to teach the students
     English conversation. (Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors may limit your opportunities.)

  (4) You have to try to use standard words or terms.

  (5) Your cover letter must be focused on attaining an English Teaching Position.

  (6) Your prospective employers are interested in your experiences that demonstrate your ability to
     interact with children, youth or adults.

  (7) You'd better explain;

    ① Why you want to work as an esl teacher.

    ② Why you want to work in Korea.

    ③ Your personality.

    ④ A couple of things you think are most important to be a successful teacher.

    ⑤ etc

* One or two pages may be acceptable.

Your phone interview with VivaCom or your prospective employer is so important because it is just like your first meeting with them. You should be able to make them have the best impression on you through the interview. Please remember the following tips for the interview.

  (1) Your voice must be bright. Try to speak cheerfully.

  (2) Don't speak too loud or too low.

  (3) Speak clearly and slowly, remembering that most of the interviewers are Korean, but not American.

  (4) Write down something important to remember. And you will be able to ask the interviewers later via
       email about what you did not understand.

  (5) Be ready to answer a question like "How do you adjust to unfamiliar or new situations?"

  (6) Some of Korean employers want to know the applicant's height(cm) and weight (kg)mainly to check
      if he or she is basically healthy. Even if such a question makes you feel bad, please answer poli-
      tely. If you think your excessive weight may be a disadvantage, please say with a self-confident
      manner that you are healthy enough to carry out your job successfully. 〔 Most of Korean compan-
      ies ask the applicants to take the health examinations at hospitals authorized by our government
      before signing the employment contracts with them. When the applicants take the health examinat-
      ions, their height and weight are automatically checked. 〕

This examination must take place within 90 days of the teacher’s arrival, but usually takes place within the first couple of weeks. This examination takes place at clinics and hospitals authorized by our government. If illegal drugs do show up on this examination, you will not get the Alien Registration Certificate and will be requested to leave Korea. Thus, if you have any questions as to whether or not the drug test or infectious disease test for you will be positive, we strongly advise you to perform such tests in your home country before signing the employment contract. (Philopon, Cocaine, Opium, Hemp are the essential points for the drug test, HIV test is also an essential point.)

We would like to introduce a story regarding the health examination of a 23-year-old female teacher
   (Hereafter she will be called FT) who had to give up working in Korea and return to her home country
   because some illegal drug showed up on the above examination. The following is her doctor's letter
   which she brought with her when he came to Korea.

   "August 20, 2010
   To Whom It May Concern;
   I am writing this medical necessity letter at the request of my patient FT.
   FT is diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She is currently
   treated with Lexapro 20mg PO a.m. FT has responded very well to this regimen, has been very stable
   and functioning at her best.
   FT will be living in South Korea for a full year, for which reason she needs a one year supply of her
   medication. This is medically necessary to ensure her well being. If you have any further questions or
   concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
   Axxx Sxxx, M.D
   Diplomatic of XXXX XXXX of Psychiatry and Neurology"

   Our local hospital advised FT to stop taking the medication for one week, and then take the
   examination again because they thought that some illegal drug might show up due to it. However, her
   doctor strongly advised her to keep taking the medication. Actually, she could not keep normal
   condition physically and mentally without taking it even a single day.

Any of doctor's notes like the above is totally ignored not only by our immigration office, but by our hospitals.
* Self Health Statement Form: Please download its form at 'Documents Download' on the menu.

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